Introducing our

Clevis Hinge

Our Clevis hinge is ideal for heavy-duty applications.

The Heavy-Duty Clevis Hinge is ideal for all swing gate applications where a gate does not exceed 750 kgs.

The HD Clevis Hinge

  • Can safely support a vertical load of 375 kg per hinge or 750 kg per pair of hinges.
  • Adjustable through a range of 40 mm. (See diagram adjacent)
  • Can articulate through 150°
  • Ambidextrous – can be set up for right- and left-hand applications.
  • Mild steel bracket easy to weld and install.
  • Can facilitate downstream correction adjustments.
  • Supplied with grease nipple for lubrication of the working elements.
  • Long Life – strong and robust construction.

Once installed, a gate can easily be adjusted to align a striker plate or locking device.

The HD Clevis Hinge is particularly useful for downstream maintenance should any disturbance or movement to the gate or gate posts occur.

Sold in a box as a single unit with a loose grease nipple.

Mass of Hinge – 1.85 kg

Clevis Hinge Diagram



  • Suitable for swing gates up to 750 Kg’s
  • Offers great security – tamper-resistant
  • Easy to maintain and lubricate
  • Adjustable for gate clearance
  • Easy to install


  • Weld-on assembly
  • Assembled for Left and Right hand applications
  • 750kg load per pair
  • 375kg vertical load per gate
  • Weight: 1.85kg
  • Dimensions: 145x100x50


Short Double Bracket Hinge.

Double bracket hinges are strong, durable, and operate effectively in harsh environments making them perfect for use in the transport industry on truck and trailer body drop side panels.

Double bracket hinges are versatile hinges and are useful for many applications outside of the transport industry. They can be used very effectively anywhere where a strong robust and the virtually maintenance-free hinge is required. They are able to operate with little lubrication and support a long lifespan. Due to generous internal clearance Double Bracket Hinges are less likely to seize up.

In the security industry, the Double Bracket Hinge is useful as a swing gate hinge and can be used for gates weighing up to 350 kg.

It is often practical to weld the head of the hinge pin to the outer clevises of the hinge to prevent unwanted removal of the hinge pin.

If more demanding security is required it may also be wise to weld a short piece of flat bar or angle iron to the gate post in front of the hinge to add protection against tampering of the hinge.


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